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Need funding fast to grow or support your business?

We've got options for all your business funding needs.


Amount: $4k - $500k

Interest Rate: 10%+

Time to funding: 1 day+

You Can Still Qualify With... 

Low Credit Score

Weak Collateral

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What are my Options?

Is your credit score too low or your collateral too weak for a traditional bank loan like a revolving line of credit or a term loan? There are creative and alternative loan options, such as:

  • Invoice Factoring: Factoring occurs when a company sells its accounts receivable at a discount to a third party who’s called a factor
  • Purchase order (PO) financing: If have a purchase order, the PO lender will pay your supplier to deliver the goods to you. After you then supply the goods to your customer, the PO lender will invoice your customer. When your customer pays, the PO lender will take a fee and return the balance to you. 
  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA): Is a lump-sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future credit card sales.
  • Royalty- and Revenue-Based Financing: Similar to an MCA, these financings are repaid from future revenues.
  • Special-situation collateral loans: Certain non-bank lenders, who are more focused on collateral as opposed to cash flow, will lend against non-traditional collateral such as intellectual property, government contracts, even rare stamps and racehorses.

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